October 25, 2019

Quiz: Which Package Designs Perform Better With Consumers?

Can you guess whether these package redesigns fare better or worse than the original designs on key performance factors?

Predicting how consumers will respond to a package redesign isn't as easy as it sounds. In fact, only half of package redesigns actually improve on the original design.1 This may be related to the reality that design data is woefully under-appreciated in some organizations, despite the immensely important role of packaging in driving purchase behavior. According to a survey of nearly 600 consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) professionals, only 25% reported that quantitative consumer assessment is a primary influence when deciding which design direction to pursue. Incidentally, 56% of CPG professionals and 67% of agency professionals agreed that the design directions chosen are often not the strongest.2

Designalytics evaluates consumers' response to package redesigns across a wide range of CPG categories. Test your creative instincts by guessing how these designs fared with hundreds of consumers on key performance factors.




1 PRS IN VIVO, May 2013 (n=10,000).
2 Nielsen, "Should CEOs Be Creative Directors?" May 2016.