Early and iterative exploration, guided by reliable consumer feedback, is the beating heart of any effective design process.

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Versus was created to support iterative creative development, making it an ideal tool for brands who want to test, learn, refine, and repeat until they’ve created an optimally effective design.


Unlike “quick and dirty” research, Versus is backed by years of validated development. It offers quantitative metrics that are more predictive than “gold-standard” testing and high-quality qualitative feedback to support inspired, evidence-based refinements.



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Fast, hassle-free setup

Getting rapid, reliable feedback on a wide range of design concepts has never been easier. Simply provide the visual assets for each Versus match-up—your brand’s current design vs. a test design, or a key competitor’s current design vs. a test design—and specify your target audience.

Can’t wait to share this sample Redesign Response Report with you.

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Predictive quantitative results

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Using our empirically-validated quantitative metrics, Versus lets you know which test design is most likely to drive brand growth. Each matchup is tested among more than 200 category consumers.

Actionable qualitative feedback



Consumers provide rich qualitative feedback about why they chose one design over another, highlighting refinement opportunities for improved communication and creative execution.

Designalytics’ quantitative metrics are the most predictive in the industry—aligning with actual sales performance more than 90% of the time.

When to use Versus


Test prospective designs for redesigns, limited-edition packaging, and new product launches.



Confirm that a design system can be applied effectively to other varieties and sub-lines.


Ensure that final refinements haven’t weakened your design.


Test secondary panels on packaging (backs, sides, tops, etc.).


Evaluate other marketing materials such as e-commerce hero images and POS assets.


Get a second opinion on a previous shelf test using the industry’s most predictive metrics.