Working at Designalytics

Designalytics is a fast-growing company that lives in the space between left-brain creativity and right-brain analysis. We're always looking to grow our team of ridiculously smart and savvy people.


We believe that when you set a group of gifted, personable people to work on a transformational challenge, great things happen for everyone involved—clients are happy, teams do their best work, and individuals have plenty of opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.


Working at Designalytics has its perks:

  • Competitive salary and great benefits
  • The ability to work remotely, plus access to WeWork facilities across the world
  • Interesting challenges to solve—and a culture where everyone's ideas are valued

Open positions

Vice President, Sales → 

Senior Content Marketer / Writer (B2B)

Designalytics is often looking for freelancers at all levels—from students to seasoned professionals—who specialize in:

  • Copywriting and copyediting (B2B)
  • Graphic design
  • Photography

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