January 25, 2020

Special Report: 16 Data-Driven Ways to Win With Design

We dug into our cross-category design performance database to uncover these tried-and-true tips.

What is it that makes a particular package design leap off the shelf, convince you that it's the best product for the job, or strike you as simply more attractive than all the other options available?

We mined our design performance database, which includes a wealth of data on several hundred package designs to date, to understand why some designs excel on certain dimensions. While there are no universal rules for developing effective designs—every design is different, and subject to specific category and competitive context—there are some patterns that appear over and over. We've compiled these principles, supported by a wealth of data, into a thought-provoking resource jam-packed with dozens of illustrative brand examples.

The report includes strategies for improving on key design performance measures, including:

  • Getting noticed
  • Holding attention
  • Communicating effectively
  • Maximizing mental availability
  • Being lovable