May 2, 2023

5 Brands That Bolstered Their Design Performance By Brand Blocking

Congrats to these five brands that made bold design moves and won with consumers.

As the only provider of syndicated package design data, Designalytics evaluates the top-selling and fastest-growing designs across hundreds of consumer-packaged-goods categories. We measure and analyze a wide range of design performance areas, including visibility, communication, mental availability, element-level diagnostics, and more.

These five brands chose one primary color to unify their overall design system, thus reinvigorating their look and improving design performance.

Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars

Category: Frozen Novelties (Cream)

brand blocking roundup-yasso

Starbucks Ground Coffee

Category: Bagged Coffee

brand blocking roundup-starbucks


Category: Cleaning Products

brand blocking roundup-cleancult

Fat Snax Cookies

Category: Cookies

brand blocking roundup-fat snax


Category: Ice Cream (Pints)

brand blocking roundup-nadamoo