February 13, 2024

8 Sweet Valentine’s Day Designs

Like Cupid’s arrow, these redesigns hit the bullseye.

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It’s Valentine’s day, and we’re featuring eight limited-edition designs that consumers are loving right now. Check out these charming seasonal looks that set consumers’ hearts aflutter (or at least increased consumer purchase preference). 😍

Jet-Puffed Strawberry Marshmallows

Category: Marshmallows

valentines roundup-jet puffed

Hershey's Kisses (Conversation)

Category: Chocolate (Multi-serve)

valentines roundup-kisses

Frosted Mother's Cookies

Category: Cookies

valentines roundup-mothers cookies

Snickers Minis

Category: Chocolate (Multi-serve)

valentines roundup-snickers

Hershey's Snack Size

Category: Chocolate (Multi-serve)

valentines roundup-hersheys

Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Cookie Dough

Category: Cookie Dough

valentines roundup-pillsbury

York Peppermint Patties

Category: Chocolate (Multi-serve)

valentines roundup-york

Hershey's Kisses (Snoopy)

Category: Chocolate (Multi-serve)

valentines roundup-kisses 2