June 5, 2024

9 Private-Label Redesigns That’ll Make You Look Twice

These nine private-label redesigns are applause-worthy.

As the only provider of syndicated package design data, Designalytics evaluates the top-selling and fastest-growing designs across hundreds of consumer-packaged-goods categories. We measure and analyze a wide range of design performance areas, including visibility, communication, mental availability, element-level diagnostics, and more.

Here’s a collection of nine private-label brand redesigns (across multiple categories) that boosted consumer purchase preference compared with the previous design. Check ‘em out:

Signature Select

Category: Frozen Pizza

private label roundup - signature select 2

Up & Up

Category: Baby Wipes

private label roundup - up & up

Great Value

Category: Cookies

private label roundup - great value

Trader Joe's

Category: Pancake Mix

private label roundup - trader joes

Kirkland Signature

Category: Seasoning/Spices

private label roundup - kirkland

Signature Select

Category: Water (Seltzer)

private label roundup - signature select 1

Sprouts Farmer's Market

Category: Frozen Breakfast (Starches)

private label roundup - sprouts

O Organics

Category: Frozen Fruit

private label roundup - o organics

Bowl & Basket

Category: Pasta

private label roundup - bowl & basket