January 31, 2024

Fred Hart Shows How Brands and Agencies Can Use Designalytics' Data

How Interact Brands used our tools to advise a brand on BevNet’s “Community Call.”

On a regular basis, the folks at BevNet and Nosh hold an open meeting called Community Call, which brings together a range of CPG experts to address issues that impact brands in the food and beverage space. Anyone is welcome to join these conversations, and host Melissa Traverse invites these industry aces to provide insights that can help brands navigate common challenges.

Recently, there was a “Review the Sku” Community Call that focused on Soom, a better-for-you tahini brand whose dark-chocolate variety was underperforming in market. Traverse brought in experts to brainstorm solutions to this issue, including (Designalytics Effectiveness Award-winner) Fred Hart of Interact Brands.

bevnet-video playerClick here to watch the segment (it starts at 10:33).

Like many design and branding agencies, Interact has used Designalytics’ data to hone strategy and test prospective designs at the beginning of the creative process. During this Community Call, Fred highlighted how he used:

1. Our 360 design testing solution to offer a much-needed baseline read on Soom’s existing design and how it compares to competitors.

Soom mockup 1-sized

2. Our Versus design screening tool to conduct A/B tests, allowing him to experiment with different package elements like hierarchy of communication and claims.

bevnet vs

This is an excellent demonstration of some of the many ways brands and agencies are using our tools throughout the design process.