May 9, 2024

Designalytics Effectiveness Awards 2024: CVS Beauty Claims Grand Prize

With the help of CBA USA, the brand becomes the first private-label winner in the history of our awards.


The Designalytics Effectiveness Award was created to help elevate the role of package design by spotlighting the impact it can have on consumer brands. As always, winner selection was entirely data-driven, based on sales performance in the marketplace, as well as rigorous quantitative consumer testing. This year’s winner is CVS Beauty and its agency, CBA USA

CVS grand prize

The Beauty 360 brand from CVS had been competing with national brands by offering high-quality beauty and personal care products for years. With this redesign, CVS Beauty made a revolutionary shift—eliminating the Beauty 360 branding altogether and replacing it with the familiar CVS heart, while also communicating product efficacy, premiumness, and inclusivity.

CVS grand prize web images-05

Consumers “hearted” the new look, with 74% preferring this version over the previous design, and the sales results bore this out. During the six months following the redesign, sales of CVS Beauty products increased by 20% compared to the same period during the prior year.

As the first private-label brand to win a Designalytics Effectiveness Award, CVS Beauty offers compelling case study for the power of design. Since advertising and promotion were minimal, it’s evident that this striking, strategic redesign drove the brand’s impressive growth. 

CVS grand prize web images-06

We’ll be announcing the rest of this year’s crop of Designalytics Effectiveness Award winners very soon. In the meantime, congratulations to the teams at CVS Beauty and CBA USA on a remarkable redesign and a well-deserved grand prize!