October 15, 2021

Podcast: Measuring Package Design Success

Designalytics' founder, Steve Lamoureux, breaks down design measurement on the NutraCast podcast.

Marketers far and wide are meticulously monitoring the performance of their brands across different mediums—social media, television advertising, digital advertising, in-store promotions, and more. Yet, the same quantitative rigor is almost never applied to one vital marketing "channel": package design. That's surprising, especially when one considers that packaging is the only brand touchpoint that's guaranteed to reach 100% of category buyers.

This lack of measurement is largely due to a historical absence of industry standards for measuring package design—not to mention, the pervasive nature of design. (After all, design underlies all other marketing efforts, with the power to strengthen or weaken those communications. That makes its impact difficult to isolate.)

Designalytics is filling the industry's data gap by providing syndicated design measurement: a constantly-updated database with standardized metrics for thousands of consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) brands, across hundreds of product categories. Moreover, we're conducting an ongoing R&D effort linking these metrics, derived from quantitative consumer research, to actual sales outcomes—providing irrefutable evidence, for the first time ever, that design performance is a primary driver of overall brand performance.

Danielle Masterson, host of the NutraCast podcast, caught up with Designalytics' CEO and founder, Steve Lamoureux, to discuss our unique approach to design measurement. What's the link between design performance and sales performance, and how are we proving it? What the heck is syndicated design data? What are some best practices for maximizing design-driven growth?

NutraCast: Designalytics on measuring packaging design success

Designalytics on measuring packaging design success
Packaging is often the first interaction that consumers have with a product. It tells a story, illustrates brand identity and in some cases even offers a sensory experience. Designalytics researches how clients can turn a branding overhaul into revenue.

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