April 25, 2024

These 6 Brands Appealed to the Senses and Won Consumers Over

Here are six redesigns that used enhanced sensory imagery to their advantage.


As the only provider of syndicated package design data, Designalytics evaluates the top-selling and fastest-growing designs across hundreds of consumer-packaged-goods categories. We measure and analyze a wide range of design performance areas, including visibility, communication, mental availability, element-level diagnostics, and more.

These six winning redesigns all have one thing in common: by using the power of sensory imagery, each brand enhanced its appeal to consumers. See how the purchase preference data shifted in favor of the new designs:

Bowl & Basket

Category: Pasta

sensory roundup 2 - bowl & basket

O Organics

Category: Frozen Fruit

sensory roundup 2 - o organics


Category: Macaroni and Cheese

sensory roundup 2 - cheetos

Bumble Bee

Category: Packaged Tuna

sensory roundup 2-bumble bee

Wholly Guacamole

Category: Guacamole

sensory roundup 2-wholly guac

McCormick Gourmet

Category: Vanilla Extract

sensory roundup 2-mccormick