December 20, 2019

Holiday Roundup: 25 Package Designs To Inspire Festive Feelings

Snowflakes and sparkles and Santas, oh my! See how brands are expressing their holiday cheer with these specialty package designs.

For design enthusiasts, winter brings with it a special kind of spectator sport: beholding the clever, creative, and—yes—sometimes clichéd way that brands communicate their holiday spirit. That said, there's guaranteed to be some clever copy, playful typography, and beautiful illustrations to spot. To that end, we've collected 25 mainstream package designs that we've seen so far this season—including a cheeky campaign from Lipton, mistletoe-ready doggie treats from Greenies, peppermint Tums (who knew?), and charming lip-balm "ornaments" from Burt's Bees and eos. And once you've enjoyed that eye candy, read about the impact that holiday packaging can have on consumer perceptions.