October 17, 2019

Is Sam Adams' "Revolutionary" Reboot Winning Over Consumers?

Breakthrough or bungle? Check out our early read on the brand's new redesign, based on data from hundreds of consumers.

In summer 2019, Samuel Adams launched a dramatically different package design for its Boston Lager, trading in its austere patriotic facade for an arguably less complicated, more modern look. Many established brands quibble endlessly over the smallest of changes—should the logo be a smidge larger, or the background a shade darker?—so Boston Beer’s bold decision to overhaul its design so completely is a refreshing change of pace. Of course, big changes mean that there’s more on the line, for better or worse.

Designalytics evaluated the old and new designs with hundreds of category buyers across a range of metrics to understand how consumers are responding to the change. Download the full report to learn which design is winning and why, plus key insights and inspiration for any brand—in beverage-alcohol and beyond—who's looking to develop more impactful designs.